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TIG Welding
Centrifuge on Caterpillar Engine
Centrifugal Pump after Reconditioning
Gangway Repairs Onboard Vessel
Marine Training Workshop


UT Technologies Pte Ltd is a Singapore-registered company serving clients internationally.


UT Technologies Pte Ltd was established in June 1993, by founder & CEO Mr. Philip Chang, to service shipping companies in Ship Repairs and Marine Technical Supplies. We specialise in many products, such as full fabrication of PV Valve Testing Bench and Winch Brake Testing Kit. Since then, UT Technologies has grown progressively throughout the years.


In August 2008, UT Technologies was acquired and merged into Orient Marine Pte Ltd (a subsidiary of KS Energy Ltd). This acquisition was testament to the strength and repute that the company had built over the years. To further the growth plans of the company, UT Technologies was re-established in January 2011.


In line with the founder's vision of progressively growing the company beyond the shores of Singapore and expanding its scope of services, the company ventured into the Oversea market in December 2014. In March 2015, UT Technologies officially launched one of its product lines through partnership in Oversea.


Currently, our products & services have extended into Marine & Shipping, Oil & Gas, Construction & Heavy Industry. Core to the company, UT Technologies continues looking for opportunities to grow and provide better services to our clients.


We are thankful for the support given by all our clients and partners throughout the years, which have made it possible for the company to come this far.

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