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We provide sales, installation, commisioning, repair, maintenance, troubleshooting, advise, retrofitting, customisation etc.

Centrifugal Oil Cleaner

•  Cleans lubricating oil & helps protect engines and machinery

•  Reduces breakdown, extends maintenance intervals

•  Top-line cleaner range and specifications to meet your requirements

•  Suitable for marine engines, heavy industrial vehicles, diesel engine vehicles, diesel powered machinery

•  We have successfully installed the oil cleaner on various engine types (cummins, MTU, Yanmar, Caterpillar, MaK, Daihatsu, Sulzer, Man B&W, Wartsila, Hyundai, etc)

•  Contact us now for a "One Time, Low Cost Investment"

Vestas Aircoil Charge Air Cooler

•  Fit in many different types of engines and power generators

•  Diesel Engine Charge Air Coolers

•  Alternator/Generator/Stator Coolers

•  Replacement Radiator "Dry" Coolers

Deno Marine Air Compressors

•  Marine Starting Air Compressors 

•  Service Air Package

•  Rotary Screw Compressors

•  Nitrogen Generators

•  Air Dryers

•  Compressor Package on Skids

Pressure-Vacuum Valve Testing Bench

•  Accurate pressure and vacuum reading

•  Does not require calibration 

•  Only required ship's service air supply

•  Enables ship crew to periodically test PV valves for operation at the desired pressure and vacuum settings

•  Portable (testing can be done on deck)

•  PV Valves to be tested can be mounted on the testing bench flange 

•  Time and cost-saving (Avoid ashore testing)

Ballast Tank Sighting Port

•  Fabricated according to customer's specifications

•  Supply of approved type Ballast Sighting Port

Winch Brake Testing Kit

•  Testing of Winch Rendering Capacity onboard vessel

•  Customised supply of winch brake testing kit

Hydraulic Oil Cleaner

•  Portable, easy for on-site cleaning of hydraulic oil

•  Able to remove fine particles to sub-micron level and free water droplets

•  Able to build to customers' requirement

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