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Workshop Capabilities

We have an experienced team with extensive workshop capabilities. This translates to cost-savings whilst providing quality products for our customers.


Our workshop capabilities include:​

•  Boring Machine

•  CNC Drilling/Milling/Surfacing

•  MIG/TIG Specialised Aluminium Welding

•  Stellite Welding

•  CNC Milling Machine

•  Lathe Machining

•  Hydro-Testing of fabricated products

•  Loading Arm repairs

Supply of Ship Spares and Technical Stores

•  Stockist for Mann+Hummel Centrifugal Oil Cleaner and parts

•  Retrofitting of Centrifugal Oil Cleaner to various Diesel Engines

•  Stockist and Supplier for various Turbocharger Spare Parts

•  Stockist for Pelican Sabrelite 2010 LED and Stealthlite 2410 LED Flashlight

•  Supply of Centrifugal Sea Water Pump Parts

•  Supply of Yanmar, Volvo Engine Spares, Deno Compressor Parts and Vulkan Coupling Parts

•  Supply of Stern Tube and Propeller Shaft Seals, Gland Packings for Rudder, Cutlass Bearings, Zinc Anodes

•  Safety Shoes and Overalls for Ship

•  Able to source and supply marine spare parts worldwide with a competitive price

Fabrication Services

•  Fabrication and Machining of parts

•  Pump Shaft, Pump Impellers, Pump Housing

•  Stainless Steel Cargo Manifold Reducers and Spool Piece

•  Manufacturing of Ballast Tank Sighting Ports, Deck Winch Brake Test Kits, Pressure-Vacuum Valve Test Kits

•  Lifting cage for ships

•  Crane Cable Roller 

•  Full fabrication of Sea Water Strainer with Bucket

•  Full fabrication of Piping and Hydro-Test

•  Fabrication of Marine Garbage Disposal Skid Tanks

Ship Engine and Anchorage Repairs

•  Engine Overhaul and Technical Advisory Services for 2-Stroke and 4-Stroke Engines

•  Overhauling of Centrifugal Cargo Pump and Sea Water Cooling Pump

•  Reconditioning of Diesel Engine Parts

•  E.g. Exhaust Valve Spindle, Cylinder Head, Exhaust Valve Cage, Piston Crown, Fuel Pump and Injector

•  Repair & Retubing of Charged Air Coolers and Heat Exchangers

•  Anchorage Repairs for Steel Works, Gangway Ladders, Air Cond Ducting, Supply of Diving Team for overboard valve repairs

Marine Related Testing Services

•  Non-destructive testing (NDT), Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI) for fabricated parts

•  Eddy Current Test for Crane Post

•  Hot Pressure Hydro-Testing of Reducers and Spool Piece

•  Vacuum Leak Test for Heat Exchangers

•  Various Load Tests for Crane and Life Boat 

•  Dynamic Balancing of Turbocharger Rotor, Centrifugal Pump Impeller and Fan Impeller

•  Pressure Test of Boiler Safety Valve and Pressure-Vacuum Valve

Training Workshop

•  Our team of experienced trainers provide Engineer training on engines' performance. Course content includes maintenance, operation and troubleshooting. Course materials can be customised according to your needs

•  Safety training for boarding officers

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