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Our Clients


“[…] thank you for the fast, efficient service you provided to us. We experienced a
failure of all 3 centrifugal oil filter brushes. Both Jeremy and Philip attended the very
next day. All 3 units were removed, repaired and returned within 7 days
[…] highly recommend their services, very professional and dedicated.”

Daniel Wiles, Chief Engineer

M/Y Tango

“Introduced to the centrifuge [oil cleaner] about 2 years ago […]
standard recommended oil change interval is 250 hours […] FM 200
was able to extend the oil change to 800 hrs. Only 1 oil change per
month was needed for each genset as compared to 3 oil changes
per month. The total savings per year worked out to S$80,000.”

PT SAT Nusa, Electronic Component Manufacturer


“I worked at Freeport before working at MGU. I was the one who put freeport
onto the Glacier centrifuges. Many units have been installed [at MGU] since.
We have 12 centrifuges running in my area on 6 crushers, all highly successful
installations, other areas have used them with high degrees of success [too].”

Peter Curry, Chief Engineer

PT Freeport Indonesia

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